Chanel Cleeton


A few weeks ago, at Bethany Beach Books, I was piling up books to purchase. One of the staff members looked through my choices and asked if I had ever read Chanel Cleeton’s books. I had not, so at her suggestion, The Last Train to Key West and Next Year in Havana went in the pile. Both books are historical novels and love stories – easy, fast-moving reads, but you come away understanding more about important periods of history and political movements. The Last Train to Key West, by Chanel Cleeton Reading The Last Train to Key West at the end of August was unexpectedly timely, since the book takes place during the massively destructive hurricane that hit Key West over Labor Day weekend in 1935. Three women cross paths before, during and after the hurricane – a pregnant waitress in an abusive marriage, a young Cuban woman on her…

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