Welcome to the first edition of “Our Favorite Things.” We’re collaborating with the team at (cool) progeny to share a new list each week — products, gift ideas, and more — to help you (re)connect with the important people in your life. COVID-19 has been the worst of times, but occasionally the best of times. From grandparents to front-line workers, people have stepped up to inspire us to make the best of it. That’s why we’re celebrating the best of the best this week! Some of this week’s favorite things encourage conversation about one of our inspirational heroes. If we didn’t pick your favorites to feature, most of the shops and stores that we linked to have other selections. This Week’s Favorite Things: Who Inspires You? Edition Mr. Boddington’s Activist in Training Kit Gift BoxBy Mr. Boddington’s Studio All the bits a clever youth needs to write the White House,…

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