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“I can’t believe THIS is where I get to come to work everyday,” said Carter Arnot Polakoff, the new CEO and President of Port Discovery Children’s Museum, looking around in wonder at the museum’s lobby. Although she hates having her picture taken, she can’t hide the pure joy in her smile. The delight is contagious — and is the embodiment of what Port Discovery is for so many families. It’s obvious that Carter is in her happy place. You might say that she’s back in her happy place. Carter started her career as an intern and founding staff member at Port Discovery. She spent more than 20 years at the Baltimore School of the Arts, immersed in nonprofit arts management which allowed her to create deep relationships with civic organizations and nonprofits. That experience has carried Carter home to port, ready to lead the museum’s next adventure: navigating post-pandemic waters…

We make a list and check it twice, and have a really easy time finding the perfect gift for some of the adults and kids on the list. But then we get down to the ones who have everything, the ones who don’t want any more “things,” or “she’s easy to buy for but he’s not,” and those kids that you have no idea what they like and want now – what the heck do you get them?

Here are 8 amazing experiences to gift…

Introducing Charmed Holidays 2021: Your Guide to the Holidays in Baltimore and Beyond! We partnered with (cool) progeny to help make their annual holiday guide the best ever!! Inside the digital magazine, you’ll find over 100 pages of stories, gift ideas, holiday events, party inspiration, and more. This year’s guide features more than 40 local mom makers and holiday hacks that will help take the stress off so you can enjoy the merriment with your family. Be inspired by holiday traditions from area families and get ready to make some new ones of your own! Click on the image to open the full-screen magazine.

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