Our Recipe of the Week gets lots of attention and we hope you have been trying some of them. So far, we’ve been publishing warmer weather recipes – quick, easy, make ahead and keep the kitchen cool. But seasons change. And in the fall, what is more heavenly than a kitchen filled with the aroma of pots of stew on the stove, and roasts, bread and pies in the oven? So this week, we bring you something more challenging, but totally worth the effort. Anadama Bread originated in New England, when a farmer’s wife dressed up cornmeal mush with yeast, molasses, and flour, tossed it in the oven and filled her kitchen with the sweet scent of yeasty, nutty bread. We first encountered it on trips to a B&B in Mad River, Vermont. My husband had co-authored five editions of a book – Modern Experimental Organic Chemistry – with Thom…

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