If there was a silver lining to quarantine and social distancing, it was a schedule reset. Gone were the four-birthday-party-two-sports-practice-three-game weekends. Gone were the whirlwind flights for two hour business meetings. Gone were the early morning coffee work huddles, lunchtime sweat sessions at the gym, and constant errand list that orchestrated our everyday lives. What emerged for many of us was a rediscovery of nature and the outdoors, especially of the amazing natural gems in our communities. We explored trails we didn’t know existed. Took our yoga classes outside to grassy spaces. Opted for daily walks around the neighborhood or local park. In a sense, green spaces kept us grounded as the world tilted. As we emerge into whatever 2022 holds for us, one thing is for certain: we all need to keep nature as part of our wellness plan. Luckily, Irvine Nature Center realizes how important this is and…

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