Women’s Daily Post writer’s group Women’s Daily Post has several groups of women who meet monthly: the Writer’s Group, Transitions Group and the Women Business Owners Group. We get questions about what the groups are like, what their purpose is, and how the meetings are run, so we are using this morning’s Writer’s Group to give you a better idea. The Writer’s Group has such a dedicated core of members, it has earned the nickname the O. G. (Original Gangsta!) Writer’s Group. It meets monthly on a Friday morning at Taylor Royall, 6247 Falls Road. The group is limited to 10 participants, so everyone has a chance to share and learn. As always, today’s group was a blend – published and not-yet published fiction and non-fiction book authors, and a screenwriter. The meeting began with 5-minute updates from everyone about where their projects stand – hopefully sharing some great news,…

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