You know what makes a wine club even better? When you combine it with angel investing!

That’s right — you can get great wine delivered to your door and help independent winemakers through

How does it work? First, you become a Naked Wines Angel (say that three times fast) and agree to make a monthly $40 contribution to Naked Wines. It’s automatically charged to whatever credit or debit card you keep on file. By making this small commitment upfront, Naked Wines can make big commitments to the independent winemakers that they work with. They provide funds to winemakers “when they need them most… like paying a grower for grapes, committing to a lease on a vineyard, or buying new oak barrels.”

Your monthly $40 contribution is deposited into your personal angel account. You can then use your funds to purchase wine independent winemakers that work with Naked Wines. Spend your $40 each month or save it for a few months — your balance will continue to accrue until you spend it. As an angel, you also get up to 60% off the market price per bottle, monthly gift bottles, and more. The perks are pretty fabulous.

You can also rate each bottle and follow your favorite winemakers using Naked Wines social tools. It’s a fun way to discover new wines and regions!

Interested in trying NakedWines? Click this link to get a $100 voucher on your first case that’s $159 or more (affiliate link)!

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