When you ask Jeryl and Ty Cole to describe their store Off the Rox in Highlandtown, they start off by saying it’s more than just a boutique. Yes, they are a high-end beer and wine shop that offers more than 400 beers and 300 wines. But the space is more than that to them. For the Baltimore parents — who have three kids under 7 — their store is a space propelled by community. It’s truly a neighborhood gem.

You won’t find just any label on their shelves. Since opening in fall of 2018, Jeryl and Ty make an effort to feature local, family-owned, small wineries and craft breweries. Their space is a unique blend of their individual tastes, a passion for natural and sustainable products, and endless odyssey toward discovering new and unique flavors. They excitedly share stories about their industry partners and new favorite finds. The bright, cherry space and the couple’s demeanor reflect their absolute delight to be part of the spirited beverage community in Baltimore.

So we asked the owners of one of the most joyful spirit shops in town to mix up two merry cocktails for us.

Red Sangria

Casal Garcia Portugese Red Blend, 750ml bottle
Brown Sugar, 3 tablespoons
1 Apple, diced
1 Orange, sliced
Orange Juice (1/2 Cup)
Dash Fire Manhattan, 100ml can
Add ice as needed

“Sangria is the jungle juice style of cocktail. You can pretty much do whatever you want with it as long as you have a red wine base,” said Jeryl. “But the secret to amazing Sangria? Muddle your fruit with the brown sugar before adding it. Then the fruit is not just for show; you actually taste the flavor.”

Italian Spritz

De Stefani Prosecco (Italian), 4oz
Mocktail Club Capri Sour Mocktail, 2oz
Splash of Soda Water
Add ice as needed

“What really makes this spritz special is the Capri Sour Mocktail Mix from Mocktail Mixers. They are a local, woman-owned company from D.C. and we just started working with them. You don’t miss the alcohol if you drink them straight. But add it to Prosecco and it makes a great spritz,” said Jeryl.

Ty and Jeryl have been bonding over wine since they started dating… although they chuckle a bit when they think about what they were drinking “back then.” (“The cheapest wine a bartender’s salary could afford,” joked Jeryl.) By the way, back then wasn’t so long ago. The pair just made Baltimore Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list.

Curious about what Ty and Jeryl are serving at their own holiday table this year? We were, too! Their eldest wants to make pizza from scratch and homemade pumpkin pie, so they are pairing their spirits with those dishes: a fabulous d’Abruzzo Italian wine with the pizza and a Beaujolais Nouveau for the pie. Both are perfect for warming up after ice skating or gazing at the lights on 34th street, two family traditions they’re looking forward to this December.

Off the Rox offers purchasing on site or through their website. Be sure to check out their monthly and quarterly wine clubs. Baltimore City delivery and curbside pick-up are available, too.

Editor’s Note: Photos by Jen Snyder for our  2021 Charmed Holidays Guide


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