Nona Nielsen-Parker is the Production Manager at Atwater’s — known around Baltimore for their signature soups, salads and sandwiches made with ingredients from local farms. Vegan Chilled Gazpacho, Summer Corn & Chicken, Atwater’s Parmesan & Tomato…. Is your mouth watering, yet? Want the secrets to Atwater’s deliciousness? Nona dished five tips for amazing soup with us… Don’t Just Chop the Veggies. Roast all or some of the vegetables before adding them into the soup.Use Homemade Stocks. They’re easy to make and it doesn’t matter which one you use as your base: chicken, beef, vegetable, mushroom.Time Your Herbs. Add dry herbs at the beginning, fresh herbs at the end.Salting and Peppering is a Process. Salt and Pepper in each step, only add salt at the end if needed.Make in Advance. Make soups 1 or 2 days ahead. If it sits, it’s better. Nona kindly shared two delicious vegan fall soup recipes…

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