Card of the Year


Lindsay Henry is the owner and creative force behind Inklings Paperie, a Plymouth, Michigan, manufacturer of sustainably-produced greeting cards and paper goods. Her creations aren’t just typography and design on quality paper – Lindsay adds a special touch of whimsy to everything and is constantly coming up with innovative ideas for greeting cards. She’s known for introducing scratch off cards, 3-D cards, confettigrams, and cards with reusable stickers. 2020 was a really difficult and upended year for the greeting card industry, as many retail stores closed at least for months, and sadly, some permanently. But we’re catching up with Lindsay as business is looking up, and with incredibly happy news for Inklings Paperie! Chatting with Linsday Henry First, the good news! This year, Inklings Paperie received the top honor in the greeting card industry. Your card – Anything is Possible, inspired by Ruby Bridges – won the Greeting Card Association’s…

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