If a person’s email signature mentions five businesses, you know they lead a very busy life and wear a lot of hats! 25 years ago, when Mariah Calagione and her husband, Sam, opened Dogfish Head, it was the smallest commercial brewery and brewpub in Delaware. They started out brewing 3 little kegs of beer at a time, 3 times a day, 5 times a week to keep up with the customers at their brewpub. Small batch brewing turned out to be a blessing, since it let them try out a lot of beer recipes. And the experimentation put them on the path of producing “off-centered ales for off-centered people,” which gave their business the funky, non-conformist personality it has maintained to this day.

Recently, my 12 year old daughter mentioned to me how she loved the sound of the paper in her class notebook. Not the new crisp and pristine sheets, but the ones filled with her notes, class assignments, scribbles, and names of boys she thinks are cute. She said to me, “I love the sound it makes when I turn the page.” It surprised me that she noticed the mere weight of ink gave them a different sound and tone. An interesting observation from a digitally savvy 12 year old.

Deloise Noble Strong is best known in the horse world – the Hunter Division of elite horse shows to be exact. She rides and trains inexperienced “green” horses and turns them into contenders. And she finds and matches her clients to the perfect horse to ride and show. For anyone interested in riding or showing horses, her Facebook page and her blog are informative, funny, irreverent, and inspiring.

Lola Manekin is the force of nature behind Movement Lab in Baltimore, Maryland. A native of Brazil, she became a US citizen two weeks ago. We asked about the journey that brought her to Baltimore and to her Remington studio where her movement classes are taught to the beat of drums and eclectic world music. Lola’s TedX Hampden Women talk and the answers to our questions give a glimpse into what drives and motivates this amazing woman. If you live in the Baltimore area, we encourage you to go to Movement Lab and meet her.

A great way to surround daughters, granddaughters and students with Women in S.T.E.M. role models!  A Mighty Girl has 8 posters of S.T.E.M. trailblazing women available for download. Each one is by a different female artist from around the world, and besides being an inspiring collection, they are just really nice art for a girl’s bedroom or classroom. And free!

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