When Dara Bunjon suggested a fishing trip, WDP set the date, chartered the boat and set it into action. An eclectic mix of women signed up and all arrived at the pier feeling excited, maybe a little nervous, but proud they made themselves a priority for a few hours. Some women wanted to meet new friends, or try something new. Some wanted to actually fish and some just wanted a day on the water.  Whatever it was, we all showed up with food to share, sipped mimosas and coffee, fished, and left with bags full of freshly caught and filleted rockfish. We started the trip with a silly game of two lies and a truth to “break the ice” as we motored to our fishing spot. We got halfway through the game and the conversations just flowed. Throughout the day friendships were made, common topics shared (divorce, raising kids, growing a small business) and laughs were had by all. It was so cool to have women, whether they were seasoned fishing women, to one woman who was actually allergic to fish and one woman afraid to touch them. As far as fishing days go, it was perfect and Captain Dean and his crew made it so easy! Although the day centered around fishing, it was so much more! 


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