Baltimore author and illustrator Joyce Hesselberth has a NEW book… and it’s perfect for the pint-sized naturalists in your life! Joyce, the award-winning creator of Mapping Sam and Pitter Pattern, introduces young readers to everything there is to know about trees in Beatrice Was a Tree. This gorgeously illustrated informational picture book is an exceptional choice for your home library and a beautiful gift! “When it’s time to go to bed, Beatrice imagines how much fun it would be to stay outside with the trees all night long. If she were a tree, she would have a trunk and branches and lots of leaves. Her roots would reach deep. She would catch the morning sun with her limbs and cradle a bird’s nest in her branches. And when the air turned crisp, Beatrice would wait patiently for spring.” Enjoy Beatrice Was a Tree ‘al fresco’ at The Ivy Bookshop’s new…

Laura Lippman has done it again! She has returned to the NY Times’ Best Seller list with her new novel, Lady in the Lake. Set in the 1960’s in Baltimore, the novel is a modern psychological thriller with elements of classic noir. Despite taking place 50 years ago, in an era without social media, internet, and 24/7 media coverage, the themes in the book – racism, homophobia, sexism – are current and could be ripped from today’s headlines.

Our happy hours are a great way to meet other women, have an evening out and feel connected. We are amazing that every happy hour attracts different women and so we are constantly growing as women bring in their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

The Preakness is back in Baltimore this week. Bummer that there’s no chance of a Triple Crown winner in 2019, but it’s still an exciting time to see the best of this year’s 3-year-old crop. If you want to get an insider’s view of the action, there is a great FREE way to do it. Sunrise at Hilltop gives racing fans a behind-the-scenes walking tour of Pimlico Race Course – the facility, the track and the contenders. You can watch horses train on the track, meet the horsemen, and greet the sunrise as it rises over Pimlico. Tours are on a first-come, first-serve basis, Tuesday, May 13th – Friday, May 17th. They run every 30 minutes from 6 AM – 9 AM (last tour registration is at 8:45 AM). Use the Rogers Avenue lot at the intersection of Northern parkway and Woodcrest Avenue.

Baltimore. Bawlamer – because you know, hon, we have that funny accent. Smalltimore – because everyone is connected by just one degree of separation. Whether we’ve been here for generations or came to call this city home in another way, we Bawlamereans love our city. We love our blue crabs and Natty Boh, our O’s and Ravens, our world-renowned Johns Hopkins, the miles of marble steps, the harbor, Hampden’s quirkiness, John Waters, our diverse ethnicity and all the neighborhoods that reflect it. We have a love/hate relationship with The Wire. Everyone laughs at the saying, “The best thing about living in Baltimore is that if I don’t know what I’m doing, someone else always does” because it’s so true. We are a big, small town. Unfortunately, it’s also a city of the haves and the have nots. Safe, affluent neighborhoods, great schools, cultural and social opportunities, and good jobs are…

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