Jennifer Nolley is no stranger to the multi-kid juggle. She also knows the joy that art brings to kids. The challenge: to make art-making accessible to own three kids while making it stress-free for parents. Her solution? Tiny Easel. An all-in-one kit filled with everything families need to create — with easy clean-up in mind! The Baltimore mom of three drinks her coffee black — unless she’s out, and then she splashes in a little cream. She can’t live without a paint set (she says watercolor travels the best) and her Nutribullet smoothie maker. “The name Tiny Easel has so much meaning behind it,” said Jennifer. “Nine years ago, I hand-painted 250 tiny easels for all of my wedding guests to be decorative centerpieces and for gifts, inspired by my love for painting and inspired by one of my favorite artist, Monet. I have since loved making tiny easels as gifts…

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