Food Principles 101: the quality of the food we prepare begins with the quality of the ingredients that go into it. But how many besides me have noticed that the fruit and produce in grocery stores does not taste as good as it used to?

The fruits and vegetables are round and unblemished and perfect, and they don’t seem to spoil as fast, but the rich, complex flavors of strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and lettuces are missing. Common sense tells me that growers are valuing fruit and vegetables that mature faster, are disease-resistant, travel long distances well and spoil slower, over food that tastes better.

Row 7 Seed Company

I love gardening and grow a variety of vegetables from seed in the early spring through late fall. But even my home-grown, pampered vegetables don’t have the flavors that I remember from childhood. So it was an “aha” moment when I saw this article in The Classic Catering People’s newsletter about Row 7 Seed Company.

Row 7 Seed Company

I cannot wait to buy these seeds and try them! And if you are a foodie, but not a grower, check out the gorgeous Row7Seed’s Instagram.


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