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Baltimore author and illustrator Joyce Hesselberth has a NEW book… and it’s perfect for the pint-sized naturalists in your life! Joyce, the award-winning creator of Mapping Sam and Pitter Pattern, introduces young readers to everything there is to know about trees in Beatrice Was a Tree. This gorgeously illustrated informational picture book is an exceptional choice for your home library and a beautiful gift! “When it’s time to go to bed, Beatrice imagines how much fun it would be to stay outside with the trees all night long. If she were a tree, she would have a trunk and branches and lots of leaves. Her roots would reach deep. She would catch the morning sun with her limbs and cradle a bird’s nest in her branches. And when the air turned crisp, Beatrice would wait patiently for spring.” Enjoy Beatrice Was a Tree ‘al fresco’ at The Ivy Bookshop’s new…

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Laura Lippman has done it again! She has returned to the NY Times’ Best Seller list with her new novel, Lady in the Lake. Set in the 1960’s in Baltimore, the novel is a modern psychological thriller with elements of classic noir. Despite taking place 50 years ago, in an era without social media, internet, and 24/7 media coverage, the themes in the book – racism, homophobia, sexism – are current and could be ripped from today’s headlines.

Our happy hours are a great way to meet other women, have an evening out and feel connected. We are amazing that every happy hour attracts different women and so we are constantly growing as women bring in their friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

When Dara Bunjon suggested a fishing trip, WDP set the date, chartered the boat and set it into action. An eclectic mix of women signed up and all arrived at the pier feeling excited, maybe a little nervous, but proud they made themselves a priority for a few hours. Some women wanted to meet new friends, or try something new. Some wanted to actually fish and some just wanted a day on the water. Whatever it was, we all showed up with food to share, sipped mimosas and coffee, fished, and left with bags full of freshly caught and filleted rockfish. We started the trip with a silly game of two lies and a truth to “break the ice” as we motored to our fishing spot. We got halfway through the game and the conversations just flowed. Throughout the day friendships were made, common topics shared (divorce, raising kids, growing…

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