Grilling Up the Catch

Fifteen women met for an afternoon charter on Captain Dean’s Bay Hunter. No experience was necessary – the good captain supplied all the equipment and know-how, and took them to a spot on the Chesapeake that turned out to be a “fish”-mine. They ate, they drank, they fished and laughed, and all agreed it was a great time and want to go again. We asked for their recipes and their best tips for cooking a rockfish and got a variety of great ideas.

If you’ve been hesitant to join in a writer’s group because you feel like your writing isn’t as good as everyone else’s, or you don’t want to be embarrassed by criticism, read these amazing pieces of prose and poetry by K. P. McGee about her experiences at the Women’s Daily Post Writing Salon, with Susan Weis-Bohlen. The Salon is a nurturing place for women to feel creatively supportive and for you to finally start putting the words in your head onto paper.

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